Memorial Day Weekend

How exciting to enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend! If you planned on a weekend get-away from Chicago and going on a day trip, don’t forget to pack some snacks for the road because you want to arrive at your destination ASAP so you can plop down, relax and get some much needed R&R right? Whether you are going to Indian Lakes Resort, Grand Geneva, Milwaukee or even just to St. Charles, if you are coming from Chicago, you are going to need snacks.  Good snacks are ready cut fruits and vegetables such as mangoes(dried ones too), papaya, jicama, carrots, cucumbers. Pack these in plastic containers or canning jars if you don’t like the idea of using/wasting disposable plastic(think earth friendly).
Tip for the frugal at heart: If you like reusable storage containers and want to save some money, resale and second hand shops are great places to find small storage food containers that are perfect for road trips. Because you are being frugal and saving money, if you lose, break, or forget them it’s not a big deal – not worth the mental stress when you’re supposed to be relaxing anyway.  Extra Tip: When we travel long distances and spend several nights in a hotel, we sometimes need a couple of dishes(microwave safe) and/or wine glasses if we want to stay in and watch a movie but we will never want to pack them so we head out to a Goodwill Store or Salvation Army.  Back in our hotel room, we always have a miniature bottle of dishwashing detergent.  Then at the end of our stay we just leave them behind since we only spent a couple of dollars(usually always under $5 for two wine glasses and a ceramic plate).
So enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and always take care of your body by eating right.  Always be mindful of what you are consuming because we want you with us for a long time.

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