Spring Break Road Trip Tips

Are You Read for Spring Break Road Trip? Here is the 1-2-3- AutoTray On-The-Go convenience ideas to help you enjoy your next road trip:

Stopping for food along the way can leave you with an empty wallet, instead stocking your car with food that travels well means you save a ton of cash, it is healthier than fast-foods, and you will save time and get to your destination sooner and happier:

Have two or multiple coolers(Read More Tips on why you should have more than one cooler).
#1 Cooler 1: Use one cooler for drinks only (use can use ice cubes here if you like), pack water, juice, ice tea, energy and coffee drinks (for those moments when you need the caffeine to stay awake for driving).

#2 Cooler 2: Have one cooler for sandwiches, individually wrapped cheese sticks, carrot sticks, already sliced fruits like apples and pineapple, peeled oranges or clementines, washed grapes that you can portion into snack-sized baggies, anything that should be kept cold(use the re-freezable gel ice packs here so they don’t melt all over your food like ice cubes).

#3 Hard-sided Bag or Box or Plastic Container: Pack room temperature foods without them getting crushed. Use a small cardboard box that you can toss along the way as they empty out.
Use shoe boxes for each person so that they can pack individual snacks that they each like. Younger kids can decorate their own shoe box or wrap it with your favorite comics strips.
What to Pack – Here’s Your Checklist: Pretzels, popcorn, nuts, granola bars, energy bars, trail mix, dried fruits and crackers. granola bars, energy bars.

One More Thing to Pack: The ticket to staying clean during your entire road trip are cleansing wipes/towelettes. For those moments when it’s just not possible to do the whole soap and water routine or when the next rest area is nowhere in sight. There are many to choose from that are affordable and effective but choose the alcohol-free, acid-free and fragrance-free because they are gentle on your skin and great for people with sensitive skin(it’s also not drying to the skin). And ladies, you know they are also great as make-up removers when you’re too lazy or tired to wash your face but make sure you get one that does not leave your skin tight or dried out.

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