Qué pasó o Qué pasa?

In Spanish, asking someone “Qué Pasa?” means what’s up or what’s happening and “Qué Pasó?” means what happened? I would like to be able to answer both questions with regards to what is happening to me and my pursuit of my inventions and what has happened in the past year or two. This is going to be a long story to which I will save myself and you, the reader the dread.  I would like to be able to update my readers and inventors alike so that perhaps I can shed some light in the process of inventing – at least what I know of it.
The process of inventing comes with mixed emotions that all inventors go through whether they like it or not. First you are excited, then you are excited some more, then you get paranoid because you think someone will steal your idea. Let me assure you that it’s okay to feel that way but it is not rational. This means that you should by all means talk about your invention to as many people that will listen to your spiel. By the way, here is one definition of spiel I found: “a usually high-flown talk or speech, especially for the purpose of luring people to a sale, etc. A fast speech that is usually intended to persuade people to buy something or agree to something.” Now that I got that out of the way, admit it – you are trying to persuade people to buy into your concept, your new idea, your invention so by all means talk it up because this is your time to gather market research.
Talking about your new idea or concept is the cheapest way to figure out if people are interested. Talk about it and take note of what people are saying in response.  Don’t joke about it and don’t laugh about it.  Take seriously your pursuit of creating a buzz that you can turn into buyers.  This is just a small sniper and the beginning of what an inventor will go through.  This is just a small piece of the process that I want to share.  I will share more about my current invention in my next blog but if you are an inventor and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will do my best to provide answers or lead you to those who can.  I have a few valuable contacts that may be able to help.  I also have lots of suggestions.

One last thing, I would be remiss if I did not mention this – in this entire process of creating, you will come across haters, there will always be haters, they want to see you fail, they will tell you there’s something out there like it already.  Do not let those haters get to you.  The haters will always be there no matter what so never let them steal your peace.  I had a friend come up and tell me that someone else told her to tell me (because they weren’t brave enough to tell me themselves) that “there are food trays already out there for sale.”  This person told me, “Shirley said she saw it at Menards,” the home improvement store.  My response was,  “Of course there are food trays out there already and they are sold everywhere.”   Just like there are many makes and models of cars sold everywhere too but,  that has not stopped an automobile manufacturer from making cars.  The same goes for cellular phones – Apple, Samsung, and even Google are making cellular phones but that has not stopped other smaller manufacturers to get a piece of the pie, however small it may be.  It is called competition and it is also called capitalism – a free enterprise, a free marketplace controlled by private owners like you and me.  My message here is…… Don’t Be a Hater, instead Be a Celebrator.

Until next time, stay well and healthy.  Always eat well and be well-rested, this means get plenty of sleep – your mind and body will appreciate it.

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