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One Mother’s Story

“There’s got to be a better way,” I thought, as I chauffeured my children home from their after school activities. Soda on the seats . . . French fries on the floor . . . Condiments on their clothes. My two grade school age boys, making a mess in my clean car!  Sound familiar?

I’m Grace Amante-Muniz and I created AutoTray, proving that necessity IS the mother of invention.  As I drive my boys all over town running errands and activities(visits to museums and parks), I couldn’t stand another unpleasant incident of food falling onto my children’s laps and having spills in the car.

After losing my job in the import-export industry in 2009 during The Great Recession, I decided to pursue my dream and put my business plan into action. I received the patent for AutoTray in July 2008 issued by the USPTO(United States Patent & Trademark Office).

AutoTray offers your children the ideal mobile dining tray, as well as a surface they can use for homework activities or playing electronic games.

Adults love AutoTray, too. AutoTray offers you a convenient solution for when you need to eat on the run—the occasional meal or snack in the car. Whether you carpool with colleagues or travel on the job (e.g., truck drivers, cab  or UBER/LYFT drivers, salespeople), AutoTray provides the perfect alternative when you don’t have time to eat at home or a restaurant.

AutoTray is lightweight but made of hard durable plastic(HDPE High-density polyethylene). Choose the color to match the interior of your vehicle: ivory, black, or charcoal or choose a color for each user. We’re currently exploring the option of creating AutoTray in bright, fun colors for children, too.

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Grace Amante-Muniz, Inventor
3J Group, Inc.

Take AutoTray to These Activities:

  • The Beach
  • Picnics in the Park
  • Backyard BBQ’s (“staycations” – in your backyard)
  • On Road Trips (family vacations, camping, Spring Break, Summer Vacation)
  • Sporting Events (baseball, football, little league games)
  • Fairs, Carnivals, and Local Food Festivals and Picnic Concerts(think Ravinia)
  • On the Plane (ideal for young children who can’t reach fold-down trays)
  • On Your Commute to Work (in your car or pack in a bag for use on the train)
  • On the Way to School (tuck in your backpack)

IMPORTANT: Please drive responsibly.  Safety first. AutoTray is not intended for use while driving.